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Our process starts by analyzing over 5,000 companies using the key metrics listed below. By filtering our stocks though this stringent process, it narrows our company list to only the strongest companies.

Our Investment Selection Process


    • We like to invest our client’s money in companies that can grow over time.  Why?  Because it’s one number that is hard to fake.  Our firm was founded on the principals of accounting, and we’ve always made sure to steer away from companies that use questionable accounting practices.  Sales growth is a solid indicator.

  • Operating Margin Growth

    • This simply tells us if earnings are growing faster than sales.  A company that’s able to expand its operating margins is usually a company that has a dominant position in the industry.  This company can raise prices without seeing a drop-off in sales, and that’s a nice place to be.


    • This is at the heart of all good financial analysis, and we rely on it as well.  As long as any company is able to grow its earnings consistently, its stock will do well.


    • It’s not enough to just see a company’s earnings growth, we also want to see its rate of growth increase.


    • Speaking of beating earnings, we also look to see if a stock has been able to beat its earnings estimates, and by how much. This is an important number to watch because it often shows a stock that Wall Street isn’t paying much attention to.

  • Analyst Earnings Revisions

    • We like to see stocks that have had their earnings estimates increased by Wall Street analysts.  This usually tips us off to a stock that’s about to “beat earnings”.


    • This tells us how much money a company has left over after paying for the costs of its business. Having strong cash flow is important because it allows a company to invest more resources in growing its business.


    • This is the gold standard. ROE tells us how efficiently a company is managing its resources. We can’t interview the managers of the companies, so we like to think of ROE as a report card for management.


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